i enjoy reading/writing these types of articles (if i were/was...) so i have decided to do another one! enjoy!

introduction: season 2, main character up until s4
role: human turned vampire, simon's cousin

main characteristics
name: Riley Lewis
age: 20
birthday: Feb. 19
birthplace/home: Pennsylvania but moves to NY


alternative, fashion, and girl image Image removed abs, beach, and fashion image lips, beauty, and makeup image Image by Hani Benmeriem accessories, harry potter, and nerd image
short brown hair w/ bangs, brown eyes, athletic figure, tan skin, average sized lips, has a few small tattoos, wears glasses sometimes

everyday style

Image by Fuck The Cool fashion, girl, and outfit image fashion, outfit, and style image fashionista fashionable, outfit of the day ootd, and black bag purse image
wears a lot of dark colors and tee-shirts

going out style

dress, style, and black image fashion, style, and dress image fashion, style, and outfit image white background, long dark hair, and gold accessories image
aka when she parties with Magnus or Izzy


animation, cartoon, and confidence image Image by 𝐋. quotes, american beauty, and movie image wallpaper, cute, and animation image Marilyn Monroe, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, and movie image aesthetic, cat, and films image
Riley is confident, bold, strong, can be childish and sarcastic at times, smart, and loving


book, glasses, and to write image aerial photography, aerial view, and cities image lips, teeth, and vampire image the mortal instruments, shadowhunters, and camile image
Born in Pittsburg, PA. Parents got a divorce when she was in middle school. The divorce caused her go into a depressive state which made her take up writing and reading. She packed her bags to NY after she graduated and then she would start her first novel. She runs into Camille at a bar and they hit it off and end up hooking up. While under Camille's charms, Riley ends up drinking Camille's blood and then gets killed when Camille drains her of her blood for her own amuse. Camille tells Riley that she turned her for fun causing Riley to be angry and to run off back to her apartment. Simon finds out because he comes to visit her and finds her almost dead because she hasn't eaten in days.


gif, clary fray, and shows image books, boys, and gays image alec lightwood, magnus bane, and shadowhunters image shadowhunters, gif, and the mortal instruments image
She becomes friends with Clary and Izzy right off the bat but it takes time for Magnus to warm up to her but they bond over the fact they both had a fling with Camille and laugh over it with drinks. After Simon introduces them, Raphael helps her learn how to be a vampire.


when Jace and Clary are on their break, Jace and Riley end up hooking up after having a few drinks together but are nothing more after that because of his feelings for Clary. Camille and Riley are very on and off throughout the seasons and they start to develop feelings for each other. Riley ends up running away with Camille in the middle of season 3, never to be seen again afterwards.

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