The art of collage

As I am discovering myself as a collage artist now, I thought that this technique was "recent", but through research I discovered that since very old times, people have built their works of art by gluing pieces together.

For example, there is a technique called mosaic, which is a technique of artistic work that consists of gluing small colored pieces, forming drawings on a surface and that was used more than 2,000 years ago by the Greeks and Romans.

I liked to know that the collage was already known before the 20th century, but it was considered child's play.

Why did I fall in love with digital collage?

I have always found this technique to combine a wide variety of materials through collage very interesting. And lately I discovered that collage allows us to travel the world without leaving the place, it also allows us to create and recreate unimaginable scenarios. It's a very interesting way to stimulate our creativity