Friends has been one of my favourite sitcoms of all time and I can agree with that. After seeing people discussing online which friend is het best I decided to do my own ranking.

6. Ross Geller

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Ross is the only character of the six who I hate. He is most of the time so annoying and not funny at all. The list he made where compared Julie and Rachel to each other and the only bad thing about Julie was that she wasn’t Rachel and that Rachel was just a waitress was so toxic. He probably knew as well that his parents preferred him over Monica and didn’t do anything about it while Monica was very angry at him but stayed close with him for over the years. Ross was obsessed with Rachel for a long time. It’s okay to have a crush on someone but after some time when you realize they don’t like you back you could move on. Apparently Ross couldn’t. And when he ultimately gets her after trying for several years he f*cking cheats on her. Who would do that? When you finally have the girl, you always have dreamed of you don’t cheat on her. His relationship with Rachel wasn’t the only toxic one. So was the one with Emily when he married her and said the wrong name. If you genuinely love someone you know what their name is! There are many more reasons why I can’t stand him but that would be longer than the essay Rachel wrote about why their relationship wouldn’t work out.

5. Rachel Greene

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I appreciate Rachel, but not that much. She has a great fashion style, and I love her hair which is almost the same colour as mine but overall she not that good of a person. For example, she never thanked Monica to allow her to live with her after not seeing her for a few years and was a selfish rich bitch when she joined in the first episode. I mean Rachel definitely changed in the other episodes. Her being, a bitch to Julie, just because she was jealous is so mean. The same goes for her letting a Bonnie shave her head again so Ross won't find her attractive anymore. And that 36 pages long essay on why it was Ross his fault why their relationship ended. Like WTF Rachel, everyone makes mistakes and hence do you definitely have them. I also never understood why Rachel would want to have sex with Barry after leaving him at the altar and him now proposed to Mindy who is Rachel's best friend. We actually saw her for like one episode. So they are clearly not that close. There are many more reasons why I don't admire her but there are in addition some optimistic ones. For example, she was a worthy friend to Monica in high school even though she was way more popular than she and she goes after what she wants because she started as a waitress who couldn’t do anything and ended up being an executive at Ralph Lauren.

4. Phoebe Buffay

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I admire Phoebe. She can be funny, and I love her little weird songs like Smelly Cat. She is always so optimistic and close to nature which I inspire to be. The main reason she isn’t any higher is that she is very manipulative and kind of hypocrite. Like when she only wanted to have second-hand furniture and Rachel bought something from Pottery Barn and she then dislikes Rachel for it but later keeping every new furniture because it looks nice or when she didn’t want to work for a big company but worked at one just because it included a higher salary.

3. Joey Tribbiani

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Joey is actually one of my favourite characters in the show, and he is a great person. He is extremely comical and makes me laugh every time. Joey remains a big womanizer throughout the show but when comes to his friend he chooses any of them above a girl he dates. The reason he isn't any higher is because of the character development he didn't get. He didn't change that much in ten seasons which is also the reason why Matt Leblanc wanted to do the spin-off which later on portrayed Joey like a completely different person. Joey is known to be a loyal friend and good at flirting with girls and getting them into bed. However, suddenly when he moved to Los Angeles, he can't make any new friends and is scared to talk to girls. That is utterly the opposite of how he used to be.

2. Chandler Bing

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Chandler is presumably my favourite male character ever. His sarcastic jokes are great, and he is also very relatable. He at first was this insecure and hopeless person who was afraid at commitment and changed into someone who was way more secure of himself and he found himself a wife who is also his best friend who love each other dearly. I never understood why Chandler couldn’t get that many girlfriends. He was this very loyal boyfriend who would never cheat on his girlfriend. Chandler could do better than Janice, and he did. He found Monica who already knew for several years. I have never seen any couple on a TV show that was this Healthy as Mondler. If I ever get a boyfriend, I want to have someone like Chandler Bing for sure. The only bad thing about Chandler is his college hairstyle. Like WTF was that dog ears gel hair.

1. Monica Geller

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Monica was the glue to the group. Without her, they likely wouldn’t meet up every day at Central Perk. Ross is her brother, Rachel her best friend from high school, Phoebe used to live with her, Chandler was her brother friend from college who lived next doors and Joey was Chandler his new roommate. Without her, it wouldn’t be the same. Another reason I love her is Monica being there for all her Friends. Like when Rachel needed a place to live she took her in, and she cooked every single day for her friends without getting thanked for. Which is opposite to her being competitive and wanting to be perfect at everything and getting praised for it.

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