Ceteris Paribus l The assumption that all other factors remain the same

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The term 'Ceteris Paribus' is used quite often in the social sciences - I came across it in my economics class. Usually, it is used to describe the relationship between two factors, given that all the other conditions remain the same. As I was going through the lecture slides that our teacher gave us, I came across an intriguing example; if the average amount of hours spent studying economics increases, the average marks received on an economics test will also increase, ceteris paribus.

This example stood out to me because it implies that the time you dedicate to something might not be proportional to the results you see, because your dedication is not the only factor of success. We live in a complex, dynamic, inexplicable world. Regardless of how hard we try, the input will never match the actual output. In some situations, the conditions around you might be working in your favor - during the times that you're thriving, being your ideal image of a productive person. But that's not always the case.

Recently, I've noticed that a lot of people are stuck in a rut. They feel like they're missing out because they're not hustling. Quarantine has been a curious experience. A popular approach to this bizarre, other-worldly time is to make the most of it, and to dedicate it to your goals and passions. However, productivity is not tied solely to the time and efforts you put in. Your mental health, environment, social life, and other such details that we often dismiss matter too!

Being in isolation has negatively affected a lot of people. Maybe you're not at home. Maybe you're stuck with people who you can't be productive around, or diminue your mental health. Maybe you've lost touch with friends or family. Maybe you're not in a good state of mind. And it's okay.

Let yourself feel your emotions, listen to your body, listen to your mind. Real world is not ceteris paribus.

You don't owe productivity to anyone.


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