Hello divine beings,

My name is Aris, this is my first article soooooo don't call my non writing ass out, if you don't like this article just leave. I made this article to help and heal people who may have suffered from cigarette and vape addiction. Like myself I was addicted to Nicotine from chain smoking vapes, which are worse than cigarettes.

Did you know one vape consist a whole pack of cigarettes? (Fun fact but disgusting ASF!!!). We got to be honest nicotine is not the best solution especially since majority of Generation Z smoke vapes, the head buzz not always fun when you putting your health at risk.

The start of a new herbal smoking journey, I well go over the properties and in the next article I will talk about how to make a smoke blend. Also if you are looking for another alternative for cannabis this article well help as well. WARNING THESE HERBS WELL NOT GET YOU HIGH LIKE CANNABIS BUT PLEASE BE MINDFUL THESE HERBS MOSTLY HAVE RELAXING OR SEDATIVE AFFECTS SIMILAR TO WEED. (If you guys want me to make a hallucinogenic herb article too just message me I well). Btw these herbs are legal.

Mullein- This medical herb cleanse the lungs of inflammation and infections. Also another important factor with this herb it breaks down mucus in the respiratory system and promote a productive cough. Mullein has no taste and it's amazing to smoke by itself. (Hard to smoke dry please use a little bit of water to mix the herbs).

Red raspberry leaf- Red raspberry is an excellent alternative for tobacco
because it neutralize nicotine poisoning. This amazing herb can also help with easing menstrual cramps. It is calming herb that helps the nervous system .

Mugwort- If you are looking for a alternative for cannabis I suggest smoking mugwort, it's light and fluffy like mullein. Originally this herb was used for rituals and spiritual guidance because of it mild hallucinogenic properties, also help improve remembering dreams and lucid dreaming. This herb properties in the medical field also treat intestinal problems, menstrual properties, asthma, fevers/coughs, nerve problems, insomnia,
headaches, epilepsy, chronic pain, cerebral palsy and brain diseases.

Willow bark- An amazing natural aspirin, it contains salicin similar to aspirins. Willow bark treats to ease pain especially in the lower back, reduce inflammation, cancer, tendonitis, bursitis, osteoarthritis, flu and menstrual cramps.

Marshmallow root- Most people when they think of marshmallow they thing of a fluffy white sweet treat that goes well with hot coco. This herb benefits in healing the respiratory system soothing the membrane of thick mucus, treat bacterial infections such as UTI's, tonsillitis, or bronchitis, and reduce heartburn, stomach ulcer symptoms, diarrhea and constipation.

Damiana- If taken in high dosage Damiana can become a hallucinogenic, like mugwort. It said to benefit aphrodisiac for men and women, hormonal balance, increase sexual desire/satisfaction, and an anti-depressant with mild sedative properties.

Pearly everlasting- This adorable flower, have similar properties as mullein. It treats colds, fevers, sore throats, headaches, anti inflammatory, and release histamine from the immune system, which helps reduce inflammation and cell blockage during an allergic reaction.

Korean ginseng- Known for it's detox, Korean ginseng also release so many medical properties. It dilates constricted vessels in the lung for an effective breathing, provides energy boost and optimism, reducing anxiety and fatigue, decrease cancer development in the lungs, and cleanse adrenal glands and reduces stress.

Bergamot- Mostly used by ex-smokers of cigarettes. Bergamot properties reduce nicotine addiction, improve with dependency or compulsive disorders, uplifts energy and boost-immune system.

There's plenty of more herbs you can smoke but I specifically targeted mostly the base herbs that can be smoked alone or with other herbs. Disclaimer you well have to use a little bit of water to mix up some of these herbs. Thank you for taking the time out your day to read my article. If you have any questions or need to get something off your mind please feel the need to message me. Also follow me on instagram: K1llsaditty and twitter:pimpdaddyariss.

Stay true to self, sincere Aris <3.