on my block # number 10, the society (6/10)

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favorite characters: grizz, sam, gordie, becca, harry, allie. in that order.
least favorite characters: campbel!!!!, luke, lexie.
favorite ship: grizz&sam, allie&harry.
rating: i gave it an 7 because even though it is interesting, there are a lot of questions that haven't been answered and A LOT of things that could've been handled better. i'm hoping the next season explains everything!

number 9, trinkets (7/10)

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favorite characters: the three main girls, but if i HAD to pick one it would be moe.
least favorite characters: sabine, brady.
favorite ship: moe&tabitha tbh.
rating: honestly it was a very empowering and beautiful show, and i'm super sad that netflix cancelled it. the character's stories weren't over, and we deserve a second season to AT LEAST wrap it up.

number 8, i am not okay with this (8/10)

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favorite characters: stanley (duh), dina, sydney. in that order.
least favorite characters: brad, and sydney's mom!
favorite ship: sydney&dina
rating: i gave this an 8 too because even though it was very good, it's also REALLY short. i finished it in what felt like absolutely no time at all, and everything flew by soo fast. i love the characters and their stories, though. (someone please get stanley a gf or a bf. please.)

number 7, on my block (7/10)

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favorite characters: jamal, spooky, ruby, abuela, kendra.
least favorite characters: MONSE, cuchillos, cesar.
favorite ship: ruby&jasmin, jamal&kendra.
rating: i literally only dropped this one back down to a 7 because of monse. i just can't see her as a likeable character at all. other than that, this show is pretty good. some parts there are some pretty cringe acting, but the storyline is pretty good.

number 6, you (8/10)

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favorite characters: forty, delilah, ellie, peach, love.
least favorite characters: joe (ik he's the main character, but he's literally a serial killer.), candace, beck, HENDERSON.
favorite ship: idk. probably joe&love they deserve each other
rating: 8 because i read the book, and honestly i liked it more. the tv show was good, and it followed it a bit, but i still liked the book more. the second season was my favorite, i loved all of the quinn's craziness.

number 5, the end of the f**king world (9/10)

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favorite characters: alyssa and james !!!!!!!
least favorite characters: that weird man they murdered
favorite ship: james&alyssa
rating: i loved this show SOOO much! the second season fit the first one so perfectly, i'm gonna be honest i was so worried. i love the way its filmed, the things they say, everything about it. if it leaves off with the second season i wouldn't be mad. it was beautiful.

number 4, the chilling adventures of sabrina (9.5/10)

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favorite characters: ambrose, nick, zelda & hilda, sabrina, harvey, ros, theo, prudence...… caliban. in no particular order.
least favorite characters: agatha, dorcas, lucifer, lilith, robin (sorry).
favorite ship: sabrina&nick. ros&harvey, prudence&ambrose.
rating: i love this show and i am DEVASTATED that they're cancelling it. literally cried when i found out. i didn't like the music number tho, it reminded me of riverdale and was really cringey. other than that this show is one of my favorites!!!!!!

number 3, bojack horseman (10/10)

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favorite characters: mr. peanutbutter, todd, diane, princess carolyn.
least favorite characters: bojack, bojack's parents.
favorite ship: princessxjonah.
rating: i hold this show so highly because of when i watched it. it told me things i needed to hear at the time. i think about 'The View From Halfway Down' almost everyday.

number 2, the haunting of hill house (11/10)

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favorite characters: nelly, luke, theo, the mom.
least favorite characters: the dad, steven, shirley.
favorite ships: the mom and the dad:( he loved her so much.
rating: this show is PERFECT. the scares are done beautifully, every single one. this is the type of show you watch OVER AND OVER and notice something new every time. i recommend it to everybody who will listen to me, i love it so much. PLEASE WATCH IT.

number 1, stranger things (48349248592/10)

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favorite characters: steve, hopper, robin, billy, followed by everyone else.
favorite ships: hopper&joyce, nancy&johnathon, lucas&max, dustin&susie, mike&eleven, MIKE&WILL.
rating: this is a fan favorite for sure. if you haven't seen it you are living under a rock! obviously i had to make it first, this show is so well made and well written and it gets better every season. season 4 might be the death of me, i'm not sure how much more i can take after season 3. last thing: give robin a gf and give will a bf. that's all.

thank you for reading!<3