Okay so I saw this article and I really love songs so I want to do it.

1. a song that has a colour in the title

book, vintage, and diary image moon, sky, and hands image
sky's still blue - andrew belle

2. a song you like with a number in the title

Image by 鴨 Temporarily removed
21 - gracie abrams

3. a song that reminds you of summertime

zendaya image aesthetic, house, and friends image
nine in the afternoon - panic! at the disco

4. a song that makes you happy

theme, heart, and aesthetic image book image
don't take the money - the bleachers

5. a song that makes you sad

quotes, Dream, and sad image Temporarily removed
ghosting - mother mother

6. a song that makes you want to dance

Abba and dancing queen image silver, aesthetic, and hand image
dancing queen - abba

7. a song to drive to

Abusive image aesthetic, photography, and beauty image
mistakes like this - prelow

8. a song to listen to at anytime

quotes, love, and forever image Temporarily removed
lose it - swmrs

9. a song that needs to be played out loud

travel, wallpaper, and aesthetic image discovery, journey, and places image
yes i'm changing - tame impala

10. a song you never get tired of

Temporarily removed aesthetic, messages, and text image
new perspective - panic! at the disco

11. a song you like from the 90s

aesthetic, soft, and babygirl image Image by Dawn
...baby one more time - britney spears

12. a song with a location in the title

aesthetic, alternative, and city image indie, vintage, and newspaper image
london boy - taylor swift

13. a song with lyrics you love

sunset, bedroom, and room image love, kiss, and couple image
"the skyline falls as i try to make sense of it all" good looking - suki waterhouse

14. a song by an artist you admire

Temporarily removed tv, grunge, and broken image
watch out - sf9

15. a song that means a lot to you

enigma, Powerful, and women image poetic, text, and aesthetic image
fluorescent adolescent - arctic monkeys | this was one of the first songs that really got me into music

16. a song you heard for the first time this year

aesthetic, letters, and caught image car, vintage, and indie image
getaway car - taylor swift

17. a song title that begins with the first letter of your name

lesbian, couple, and kiss image love, text, and message image
jenny - studio killers

18. a song from the year you wear born

aesthetic, architecture, and city image girl, aesthetic, and blue image
my happy ending - avril lavigne

19. a song that makes you want to fall in love

quotes, love, and forever image love, quotes, and grunge image
supercut - lorde

20. a song that breaks your heart

boy image book, torture, and words image
lie to me - 5 seconds of summer

21. a song that makes you feel like a bad bitch

Image by Finch Temporarily removed
istanbul (not constantinople) - they might be giants this song makes me feel like a spy lmao

22. a song you know by heart

kiss, love, and book image grunge, wall, and quotes image
waterloo - abba

23. a song that makes you feel like partying

cassie, skins, and drugs image barbie, aesthetic, and party image
wasted - tiësto, matthew koma

24. a song from an artist you've seen live

Image removed Temporarily removed
I've never been to a concert sorry lol

25. a song you can't stop listening to

T image perfume, vintage, and nails image
homewrecker - marina

26. a song from an anime you like

grunge, tv, and dark image grunge, couple, and purple image
kyouran hey kids!! - the oral cigarettes | from norigami

27. a song for when you are alone

book, aesthetic, and writing image cold and me image
come out and play - billie eilish

28. a song you'll never admit you know/like

love, kiss, and couple image aesthetic, mood, and sad image
make up sex - somo

29. a song from your childhood

Image removed lesbian, girls, and kiss image
accidentally in love - counting crows'

30. a song from a duet you really like

hands, japanese, and lovely image hospital, pink, and pale image
no air - jordin sparks, chris brown

31. a song you randomly sing in your mind

bed, vintage, and photography image grunge, milk, and cereal image
level of concern - twenty one pilots

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