Dear You,

Susan Sontag once said: “All photographs are memento mori. To take a photograph is to participate in another person’s (or thing’s) mortality, vulnerability, mutability. Precisely by slicing out this moment and freezing it, all photographs testify to time’s relentless melt.”

And perhaps, she touched a very good point and pointed out what is at the core of my photography. Although I do make only portrait, I find the act of photography one of the most beautiful and human act in this world. By photographing either someone or something, we capture the purest and most vulnerable side of the person - we capture a story.

When I am behind the camera, whether it is to shoot a short film or to take a picture, I look for the natural and the story behind people, behind the instant when I press the button and the whole world has shut for a sec and I... the lucky one... got to witness magic unfolds in front of my camera.
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So dear you,
Before unveiling five of my favourite photographs I took and what went behind the scenes and the inspiration behind it, I have a question I have been wanting to ask forever...
What do you look for in the world? If you could frame anything in the space of a photograph, what would it be?
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I look for stories needing to be told...

1. Sunset over the sea

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This photo was taken after a long day, I and the boarders of the school I was working in as a tutor, spent in Liverpool. We took the ferry back to the Isle of Man and this photograph my friend, does not have any filter. I got to witness such a wonderful sunset at sea that I am still not over it.
I always thought there was something quite magical about sunsets. Although to see the sun rises must be wonderful, witnessing the sun kissing the shore goodnight has always given me this appeasing feeling. Also, the colours in the picture are so vibrant and what I like the most is how the wind turbines look like shadows of their own self... ( if that makes sense).
And I really loved the idea of those wind turbines left in the sea, working and seeing life unfolds in boats around them. Honestly, if they could talk, I wonder what they would say...

2. The forest fairy

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This photograph is part of the photoshoot I did with my best friend in the forest behind her house. It was last summer before she moved to Paris and I to the Isle of Man. We've been friends for over eight years now.
While I was shooting a short film with her, I noticed how she was touching everything around her as though she was trying to reach and to absorb nature's energy. There was somehow a connection between her and everything around which I thought was magical and you can absolutely feel it through this picture. There is so much life in it, the tension in her hand, the shadow on her wrist, the movement in the whole picture. All of that combined with the delicate feeling of her hands grabbing energy around her, makes this photograph one of my favourite.

3. The end of the world

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This photo was taken in Peel or Port Erin, on the Isle of Man. It was the evening when I met, on my way to the grocery store, a friend of mine, who was working as well in the same school. We talked a bit, while she was in her car, and she offered me to go and have a walk there, so we went, we talked a lot, (she has a wonderful perception of the world, so I really enjoyed talking to her) and we got to witness the sunset there. It was magical.
As I previously said, there is this kind of out of time and space feeling to sunsets. Generally, they are accompanied by a conversation about the universe, about life with good people, good music, or a never-ending flow of thoughts. This picture is for me, one that makes me regret the Isle of Man, which is weird when you know me. What I like the most is how we don't see the end of the path as though it just never ends or as though it is waiting for you to witness the magic of the universe, at the end of the world, of the island.


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This picture was taken on the Isle of Man, at Port Erin, thanks to one of my co-workers who offered to show me the wonderful view from her house. She lives in a place where there are multiple, which at first can be quite weird, but after filming some scenes there, I couldn't help myself but adore them. What I found fascinating is to photograph these two with an angle that makes them look like gods in the sky as we can't see either the ground nor the rest of the statue.

Statues always had me fascinated and I always struggled to say why. There's a sort of vulnerability and the idea of eternity that shines through them. Also, I admire so much the artist behind them. The time and precision put into them is remarkable and admirable. And in this statue, which represents more than just two lovers, it represents love itself, the idea that it will never cease to exist, attracted me and I had to share it.

5. Under the sky portrait

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This photo was taken last year, it is a portrait of my best friend.

Although I did not publish this one on my Instagram, it is one of my favourite portraits because there is so much mystery in it. The colours give a sort ethereal aura to her and I love the fact that she does not look at the camera (also because she was talking so it was totally candid). It is also a photograph that reflects one of the greatest question I have asked myself, one which I don't think I'll ever have an answer. What is going on inside someone's inner life?

And last but not least....

6. The end of the earth

belfast, Northern Ireland, and photography image
This was taken during my trip to Belfast. With my friend, we went on a tour bus, up to the Giants' Causeway and honestly, this picture does not bring justice to the incredibly magnificent site the Giants Causeway is. Although it was raining when we were there, I was in awe and I highly recommend you to see, at least once in your life.

What I really love about this picture is the confrontation between one person and the surrounding immensity. I don't know who he was, or what was going on inside his head, but when I saw him, I found great peacefulness in wondering what was going through his mind. Was he afraid? As the waves and the wind and the rain were quite rough, was he amazed? Was he feeling big or small compared to the greatness of nature?

This picture also reminds me of hox nature will always be greater than us and capturing this instant, when so many questions are on hold, makes me love photography more than ever.

I hope this article made you want to start looking for stories to be told through the lens of a camera. And if so, please show the world what you see.
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With all my love,

This article was written by @iheardcrickets on the We Heart It Gazette Team