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introduction: season 2
role: Main character

name: Eva harries
age: 17
sexuality: straight
supernatural: werewolf, beta .

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she has long dark hair with hazel eyes and a small tattoo.


black, grunge, and outfit image aesthetic and black image fashion, outfit, and black image aesthetic, chains, and style image
she’s got a edgy style, only dark/ black clothes and chains are her favorite accessory.

Eva used to have anger issues, when she was bitten by her alpha at 15 it only made everything worse until one day during a full moon she killed her own sister because she was out of control, she couldn’t face her parents and felt horrible and guilty , since that day she made herself promise that she’ll control herself and will never come back to her old town , time flies by and she finally found the alpha who turned her , she kills him as a revenge and deciding to start fresh, so she moved to beacon hills.


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positive traits
she’s ambitious, loyal, confident, strong, a good friend who will always be there for her friends, sassy and sarcastic.

negative traits
she’s very impulsive and does things without thinking them through , she’s very hard to get to know , she doesn’t really trust other people and don’t express her feelings well, stubborn.


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aesthetic, grunge, and skate image aesthetic, skate, and grunge image
she loves skating , she used to do it since she was a little girl and it just make her feel peaceful.


best friends: malia , Scott , stiles , Lydia

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she first met lydia who was her lab partner but they weren’t too excited about it , in fact Eva used to mock Lydia who just used to roll her eyes but after that she met scott and Stiles after they hit her with stiles’s van , when Scott saw she was fine he realized she’s a werewolf and later she started investigating about the kanima and realized she needed help so she teamed up with Scott’s pack and since then she was a part of them .

little brother : liam

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Eva understands liams struggles and she does everything she can to help him, he’s like her little brother and she’s very protective over him .

love / hate relationship : kira yukimura and alisson argent

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Eva never really liked both of them , most of the time she found them annoying but secretly she respected them and their bravery.

partner in crime: issac lahey

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the minute Eva and issac met they clicked , they teased each other a lot and did all kind of crazy stuff together. He was her person when she get the need to do something crazy .

love interest : derek

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it started as normal hookup which turned into friends with benefits, she didn’t want to open up to him, she refused to love someone so deeply again, so she denied her feelings and locked them away but Derek knew, and he felt the same , he didn’t let Eva get away with what she feels , he gave her an ultimatum, either she admits that they’re more then just friends with benefits or they’ll be nothing, and as her stubborn self she refused to decide and they both suffered until in the end of season 4 were Derek get hurt , she can’t hide her feelings anymore and tell him how much she loves him and they leave together.

thats it <3 hope u liked it xoxo