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1. Group info

Group name- blxssom

fandom name- Bloom

debut day- june 21, 2019

Members- Mary, Sunny, Ava, Rosie, May

fandom color- pink

concept- retro

2. Members

ulzzang image
Mary: oldest (20), favourite show: friends, favourite artist: haon, position: vocal.
ulzzang image
Sunny: 20 years old (months younger than mary), loves anime, favourite artist: nct and exo, position: vocal
ulzzang image
Ava (@MONBEBExGOLDNESS) 19 years old, verified simp, favourite artist: Kang Daniel and Keshi (she loves a lot of artists), position: rapper
ulzzang image
Rosie (me): 19 years old, loves eating ice cream, favourite artist: onf and kim donghan, position: vocal, main dancer
ulzzang image
May: 18 years old (maknae),loves to travel, favourite artist: victon, position: rapper, lead dancer

3. Album/debut

Album name: Cloud nine (mini album)

Album cover:

pink, love, and aesthetic image
(sorry i am not creative)

Title track: Night rather than day- exid

Other songs:

im so sick- apink

All night- Girls generation

Miss agent- nine muses

4. Music video


girl, dress, and fashion image
Image removed
dress, pink, and fashion image
pink, fashion, and girl image
Rosie (me)
dress, cute, and aesthetic image

(sorry for all the pink its the color concept)

Video aesthetics

beach, sunset, and sea image aesthetic, alternative, and place image lisa, rose, and background image aesthetic, architecture, and beautiful image
the theme is video shoots of them (no story line or shit)

Instagrams (bonus)

i thought i could add this cuz it would be fun

group official:

Username: _blxssom


Temporarily removed 유익한 image asian, best friends, and friendship image korean, kpop, and ulzzang girls image

Members personal account:

ulzzang image soft and white image
Mary: user- Mary_blxssom
yellow, asian girl, and kfashion image Temporarily removed
Sunny: user- sunny.blxssom
fashion, girl, and outfit image Image by Jo Christo
Ava: Ava_.blxssom
ulzzang, icon, and aesthetic image girl, green, and nature image
Rosie (me): user- _.Rosieblxssom
girl, blue, and korean image green, korean, and soft image
May: user- may._.blxssom

hope you have a good/night stay safe wash your hands (are people still in quarantine?)