think your room is a bit boring? well then, learn how to spice it up with (sorta) cheap things! (:

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FAIRY LIGHTS: a super easy way to make your room way cuter! there are all sorts of colors!

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PLANTS: you can get small ones, big ones, hanging ones.. there's so many options, it'll really liven up your room!

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LED LIGHTS: these are super trendy right now! they make your room look so much cooler and they give off a chill vibe. you can find some on amazon!

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WALL ART: spice up your room with collages and wall decals! super cute & can be easily done!

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MIRRORS: many options & can make a dull room turn into a cute one! i prefer floor length mirrors for outfit pictures (;

anyways, that's it (for now!) i'll make a part two depending on how well this does <3 so let me know if you liked it! bye, babes!