Hey guys! I don't know about you guys, but I absolutely love Kehlani! She's just so dope and her voice is amazing. All of her songs are great but here are my favorites, enjoy :)

All Me ft. Keyshia Cole

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This song has a really nice R&B beat and it's just soo catchy.


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It's dirty but I feel like some people can relate to it. I also love that she produced the music video by herself.

Can I ft. Tory Lanez

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This song samples the late and great Aaliyah's song "Can I". It's just such a vibe and she did a really good job with sampling it.

Nights Like This ft. Ty Dolla $ign

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Them together is everything. I don't care @ me

Footsteps ft. Musiq Soulchild

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It's just so relaxing and beautiful and the water effect that they put, in the beginning, make it 10x better

Valentines Day (Shameful)

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One of the best heartbreak songs out there. She wrote this about YG and how she found out he cheated on her. Late night sessions really give the best music.


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This is another one that is written about YG and their relationship

Change ft. Arin Ray

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R&B vibes all the way. And she looks good as crap in this red wig, am I right?

I Wanna Be

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A song from her second album. Like boy I wanna be the only one you got your eye on

Thank You

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I love this song! She is basically thanking God and her fans for guiding her and allowing her to live her dream


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Let me be an escape for you away from the craziness that's happening in your life

Piece Of Mind

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I need to get some piece of mind after all of the drama that I went through

Open (Passionate)

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Wow. Just..Wow.


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It's nasty, yet it's so fire at the same time

Can You Blame Me ft. Lucky Daye

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It's just a whole vibe like I feel like I could just go on a midnight drive and just bump to this song

Some of my favorite things that she has said :)

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I hope that you guys take a listen to these songs and grow a love and appreciation for Kehlani like I have. Continue to stay safe guys! Love You