Name:Alexis Lexi Williams
Alias:Lex,the kook's princess,her majesty,queen of the continent,pogue,angel
Birthday:2 August
Birthplace:New York
Zodiac sign:leo


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she is the kook's princess


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John b presentation

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Thats Lexi Williams,the kook's princess or how we call her Lex.She is not from here,she was born in New York in the Upper East Side and she comes here every summer to escape her fake friends of the private school for rich kids.Her father is the king of the island,he owns half of it but someone said that he is gonna to buy the rest soon with all the money that he haves,sometimes i think that they are richer that the royal family.JJ used to work form them,but we all become friends with her thanks to Kie after they manage to save the turtles on the beach and since we were eleven she became secretly part of the group.Untill one day,when everything changed:she started to hang out with Sarah Cameron and the other Kooks and after the summer,when we were thirteen,she never came back,till three years later...till now


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at the beach
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rich people meetings
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Midsummer party


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Todd Williams:father
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Yvonne Williams:mother
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Hazel Williams:older sister
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Oliver Williams:younger brother


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Lexi was born in New York in the wealth and luxury.She is the daughter of Todd Williams the king of the Outher Banks and ex kook since he was born there but then he left for the continent.Her mother,Yvoenne, was a pogue raised on the island by a sailor father and a french waiter mother,in her teens she was dating Big John (John B's father) but she left him for Todd's money.Lexi grow up mentally abused by her mother.Her mother wants her to the perfect rich daughter ready to marry another rich boy,just like her older sister Hazel.Lex become friends with the pogues when she was seven:she met Kiara on the beach and together they saved a turtle.From that day they become best friends but everything went wrong after her mother discovered her and JJ kissing under the trees in their garden when they were thirteen.After that summer she never came back to the Outer Banks,untill her younger brother,who was diagnosed as a bipolar, tried to kill himself.So while her mother and sister where in Greece to plan her sister wedding,Lexi,her father and brother came back to the island for the summer.Here she met again with one of her best friend,Sarah Cameron,and her annoying brother who have a crush on her and tries everytime to make a move on her.In the beginning of the summer she tried to have a normal kook life with Sarah and the others and to stay on her brother side to help him with his illness.However she become again a member of the pogue squad when Jonh B asked her help to find her maternal grandfather because he helped Big John with the search for the gold and when she had to translate the letter that Jonh B found with Sarah.Kie and JJ weren't happy about the idea of having her back after what happened on the summer that she left but in the end everything worked out well,now they just have to find Jonh B and Sarah,and Lexi have to know why her mother was involved with Ward Cameron and the gold


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Eilijah Harlow:best friend
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the pogues


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Outer Banks
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New York


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