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What does aesthetic mean?

According to the Oxford Dictionary, it means:

to be concerned with beauty or the appreciation of beauty.

and Dictionary says it is:

to be concerned with the study of the mind and emotions in relation to the sense of beauty
drawing, painting, and art image aesthetic, architecture, and europe image

So essentially, aesthetic is the study of beauty. On a surface level, you're probably thinking things lie makeup, clothing, physical appearance but aesthetic is so much more than that! Let's get into how to be aesthetic now!

Types of aesthetics

If you want to be aesthetic you need to figure out what type of aesthetic you like best. Personally I like the classy aesthetic but I also love the academia aesthetic as well. Ultimately, you should create your own personal aesthetic unique to you, but get inspiration from the following popular aesthetics:

girl, photographer, and fashion image girl, theme park, and weheartit image girl, girls, and happiness image animals, bikini, and chic image
bright colors, especially yellow, beach vibes, friendship, loud + colorful, summer, forever young, photography
girl, fashion, and bicycle image coffee, drink, and food image archive, beige, and books image aesthetic, alternative, and grunge image
whatever is trendy, free vibes- don't care, lots of coffee, bike riding, book reading, thrift shopping, sweaters and jeans
fashion, style, and outfit image painting, dark academia, and aesthetic image book, library, and dark academia image dark academia, aesthetic, and harry potter image
knowledge and learning, classic literature, colleges and universities, darkness and rain, reading books and listening to classical music
black, fashion, and shorts image vogue, brown, and cafe image chanel, luxury, and sunglasses image fashion, girl, and style image
gold jewelry, designer brands, expensive handbags, high heels, luxury, long skirts and dresses, blazers and camel coats, artwork and music
aesthetic, flowers, and girl image style, aesthetic, and colors image Temporarily removed date, dress, and green image
soft, cute, pastel, light colors, very feminine, enjoys Asian culture, especially in Japan and South Korea, stationery
fashion, aesthetic, and outfit image grunge, vans, and aesthetic image fashion, outfit, and style image aesthetic, grunge, and tumblr image
E-girls and E-boys, goth, emo, skate boards, chains, mom jeans, black clothes, sneakers all the time
aesthetic, car, and cute image girl, vintage, and tumblr image fashion, aesthetic, and outfit image friends, rachel green, and ross geller image
watching old movies and shows, driving old cars, 90s and 80s music and fashion, digital cameras, grainy filters

Of course there are way more aesthetics but here are a few ideas you can look at!

How to dress aesthetic

girl, necklace, and Nude image fashion, style, and outfit image

So once you pick an aesthetic try to figure out how to dress to that aesthetic. Since aesthetic deals with beauty, you need to ensure that what you're wearing matches your aesthetic. For example, VSCO girl aesthetic should consist of jeans shorts, oversize t-shirts and sweatshirts, scrunchies, and messy top knots. Vintage clothing should focus on style from a different era. Classy fashion should be mostly formal, neutral colors, and simple.

Fill your life with your aesthetic

book, art, and aesthetic image girl, book, and paris image

This step is the most difficult. It requires a lot of effort. I recommend making a WHI collection or a Pinterest board for your aesthetic and working from there.

aesthetic, icon, and theme image aesthetic, drink, and food image

After that, try to collect things that match your aesthetic (old books for academia, gold accessories for classy, etc) and do activities that match your aesthetic as well. You'll also want to act like your aesthetic. This may mean putting more effort into your appearance, grades, speaking pattern, and attitude. But don't change yourself in the process. Your aesthetic needs to match who you are, not change you.

More inspiration articles

Last but not least, some articles on how to achieve certain aesthetics. Take a look, they're all so helpful!

That's all for today's article. I know it was a little different but I hope you enjoyed it.