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Monday, 6th July 2020

First of all, I don't want to have to use symbolls to explain vital and natural subjects such as s3x and v!rginity, but I'm almost certain my article will be removed if I don't include them. In this article I will debunk the v!rginity myth based on the information I learned from a Ted Talk by Nina Dølvik Brochmann and Ellen Støkken Dahl. Hope you learn something new and especially respect the privacy of a woman and her right to not be afraid of her own body.

I'm sure many of you grew up being taught that the hym3n is a sign of v!rginity. But the truth is that is completely wrong. This theory is predicated on two major myths:

1) The hym3n breaks and bleeds the first time a woman has vag!nal s3x.
2) The hym3n disappears or is in some way radically altered during a woman's first int3rcourse.

The truth is known in the medical world for more than 100 years, yet somehow these myths are still imposing fear on women. That may seem like a minor issue to you. The reason is the myths about the hym3n have been lying around for centuries because they have cultural significance. They have been used as a powerful tool to control women's s3xuality in many cultures, religions and historical decades. Women are still mistrusted, shamed, harmed and in the worst cases subjected to honour killings if they don't bleed on the first night of their marriage. Other women are forced through v!rginity checks simply to obtain a job, to save their reputation or to get married.

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Women are so afraid no to live up to to the myths about the hym3n that they choose to use v!rginity quick fixes like plaastic surgery called rev!rgination, viles of blood poured on the sheets after s3x and more. By telling girls that no deed can be kept secret, that their bodies will reveal them no matter what, we have induced fear. They are so afraid of their own bodies that they avoid sports, play, tamp0n use and of course s3xual activity. It's time we bring an end to the v!rginity fraud.

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We have been taught that the hym3n is a kind of a "seal" that covers the vag!nal opening, that's why we picture it as something fragile and easily destructible. Something you can break through, perhaps like a sheet of plastic wrapping.

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Many picture the hym3n as plastic wrapping on a hula hoop, fragile, easy to tear just by forcing your hand through. In fact, it is exactly like a scrunchie. The hym3n is a rim of tissue at the outer opening of the vag!na, it has a donut or half moon shape with a large central hole. However, this varies a lot, hym3ns can have fringes, several holes or consist of lobes. In other words, hym3ns naturally differ a lot in looks and that is a reason why a v!rginity check is impossible to determine whether a girl is a v!rgin or not.

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The truth is the hymen doesn't nesseccarily break, it stretches like a scrunchie. It is elastic, and for many women the hymen will be elastic enough to handle a vag!nal !ntercourse without sustaining any damage. For other women, the hym3n may tear a bit to make room for the p3n!s, but that won't make it disappear, it will just have a slightly different form. If a woman has an elastic hym3n she will never bleed in s3x. Therefore you can't examine the hym3n to check for v!rginity status.

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This was noted over 100 years ago, in 1906 by the Norweigian Dr. Marie Jeancet. She examined a middle-aged s3x worker and concluded that her gen!talia were reminiscent of a teenage v!rgin. That makes sense becuase if her hym3n was never damaged during s3x, what were we expecting? Since hym3ns come in different shapes and forms it is difficult to know if a dent or a fold in it is there because of previous damage, or if it's just a normal anatomical variant.

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The absurdity of v!rginity checks is illustrated in a study done on 36 pregnant teenagers. When doctors examined their hym3ns, they could find clear signs of
p3netration in only 2 out of 36 girls.

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Now that you know and understand how hym3ns work, educate everyone you can. Gender inequality is real and exists. Men are never asked whether they are v!rgin or with how many women they've slept with, while women are told to be preserved and "pure", because otherwise they are "ruined" and "no one will marry them". In some countries men can have multiple wifes and many people even believe that rap3 isn't possible when the couple is married. While men have the freedom to decide, women are treated treated like products in a store shelf, when the plastic lid is taken of, no one wants to buy the product.

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