Hello! I do not spend that much time watching show on Netflix, but in this article I am going to share two shows that I recently binge that you should watch and will definitely enjoy!

1. Unsolved Mysteries

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This show aired back way in the 80s and 90s and was originally hosted by Robert stack . He was best known for his deep and mysterious voice which well suited this spine chilling show. In the reboot, there isn't a host ( RIP ROBERT STACK) but the show still remains chilling.

There are only 6 episodes showcasing the mysterious deaths/disappearances of individuals in bizzare ways. I love true crime & trying to solve mysteries. If you are into true crime, I recommend this show. But good luck sleeping at night ;)

I can't honestly decide which episode stood out to me, but the case revolving the Death of Alonzo Brooks is telling. Because he was 23 when he went missing and died in 2004 in a predominantly white town in Kansas.The cops performed a lazy search for him and ruled it "suspicious" it apples to today's BLM because it was a hate crime.. period.

2. The Babysitters Club

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You heard that correctly! On July 3, Netflix released a reboot to this 80s-90s show based off the books written by Anne M. Martin.

The show was cast beautifully! So much diversity and the situations the girls go through are real, relevant, and raw. It took me back to being a 13/14 who was learning to navigate life by learning about life from myself, the world, my friends, my family and the people around me. The acting was brilliant and entertaining. I would say this show was best portrayed in 2020 than in 1990. The style is still somewhat 90s but set, of course, in more modern times. I think this is a show you would enjoy♥ I am gonna keep this spoiler free.

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Hope you guys enjoyed!