Loving someone is a gift. Love itself is a gift.
Knowing that there is someone to come home too,
Receiving the love you cherish for.
Getting people to fall in love with you over and over again,
Knowing that they will never leave your side.
But how can you make it clear to them that you want nothing.
All you want is someone to listen, and but there,
but they try their best to read you and understand you.
How can someone like them fall for someone like you?
How can you even love them, if you can’t love yourself too?

He tries his best to make her happy, and what does she do?
She sits there knowing that this will end one day.
She knows what guys like him can do,
They say that they love you, but once they get what they want,
They disappear forever.

Hiding from society, she isolates herself from everyone.
Sitting in the black pitch of her room,
Knowing that if she lets even the slightest ray of sunshine in,
She will never be the same ever again.

She is what all guys want, like a very rare flower.
Not exactly like a rose, or a lilac,
But a flower that no one knows the name of,
As everyone wants to see inside, tries to her,
But she closes every door.

She knows that the world, out there, is full of stubborn people
Who take what they want and never give anything back.
Passing the streets, she sees strangers walking by,
Knowing exactly what they feel.
Walking around like lifeless corpses,
Loveless corpses.
Love exists, but only in fantasies.

Maybe one day someone will take her by the hand
And she will know then that love can be real.
But for now,
She sits all alone in her bedroom,
Imagining what love is really like,
and what it feels like to have it.