hey guys! i am back with my current morning routine that i have been doing this summer.


waking up at 7:45

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i love to wake up early be productive. i just stretch my neck and shoulders out and then i grab my journal and write a few words. when i am done with that i make my bed and finally get up.

drink water

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this step is so important for me. i feel instantly more fresh and awake. moreover i open my blinds to let the light in my room.

coffee and snack

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in the early morning i just eat something small like some fruit (apples or bananas) and a cup of coffee so i am not too full to workout afterwards. i love to go out and sit in the sun for that.


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it is super essential to me to workout almost everyday! i feel so much better afterwards and its a lot of fun. i do different workouts every day. sometimes i go running, i do booty or ab workouts, sometimes i do yoga and, the most important thing, i stretch every time.

healthy breakfast

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now finally it's time for a big and healthy breakfast, love this part. i usually eat some bagels with cream cheese and tomatoes or granola with yogurt and fruits.


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obviously it's shower time! super relaxing!


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after showering i brush my teeth and do my skincare. i use some cleansing gel, toner, a hydrating face serum and a moisturizer with spf.

daily chores

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i take a few minutes everyday to do a quick tidy up in my room and to clean the dishes, take out the trash, vacuum the house and do some laundry.


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i don't do this step every day, but it's one of my habits i want to do more and improve! afterwards i feel much more relaxed.


and that is it guys! sometimes i do my makeup but just if i have some more plans for the day. usually i end my morning routine around 11am. i hope you liked my morning routine, i have been doing this for quite a time and i feel so much more productive and happy :)

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until next time :)