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One of my first languages is Spanish, so I'll made a playlist for y'all who want to learn Spanish and this is a good way to make the study fun! A lot of the songs in this playlist or are my childhood songs as well as my guilty pleasure songs or songs that I'll never admit I like. So I hope you really like it! By the way, you can find all this songs on Youtube and Spotify.


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1. Bulería- David Bisbal
dpr live and dabin image aesthetic, cars, and clouds image
2. Ni una sola palabra - Paulina Rubio
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3. Que la detengan - David Civera
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4. Rabiosa - Shakira
aesthetic, building, and cyber image music and guitar image
5. Como Camarón - Estopa
quotes, lover, and Taylor Swift image piano, Mozart, and music image
6. Tu Canción - Amaia & Alfred García
donghae, eunhyuk, and kyuhyun image adventure, aesthetic, and indie image
7. Ahora te puedes marchar - Super Junior (og Luis Miguel)
aesthetic, cities, and city image drink, champagne, and party image
8. Hey Ma - Pitbull Ft. J Balvin & Camila Cabello
elite, danna paola, and netflix image aesthetic, aesthetics, and elite image
9. Mala Fama - Danna Paola
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10. Tenía tanto que darte - Nena Daconte
fashion, dress, and pink image feathers, gown, and mask image
11. Princesas - Pereza
love, lesbian, and girl image quotes, kiss, and love image
12. Besos - El Canto del Loco
aesthetic, theme, and background image aesthetic and yellow image
13. La Venda - Miki Nuñez
car, vintage, and city image camila cabello image
14. Habana (Spanish Ver.) - Camila Cabello Ft. Daddy Yankee
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15. Ya No Quiero Ná - Lola Índigo
travel, sky, and plane image red, rosalia, and aesthetic image
16. Con Altura - La Rosalía
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17. Otra Vez - Super Junior Ft. Reik
neon, aesthetic, and couple image aesthetic, army, and boy image
18. Con Calma - Daddy Yankee
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19. La Bicicleta - Carlos Vives & Shakira

So that would be all! Of course there are a lot of more spanish songs I like, so maybe in a couple of days I'll do part 2. I have to clarify that I say Spanish because the songs are in the spanish language, but this artists are not all from Spain, some are from Colombia, México, Puerto Rico, etc. If you want to listen some other songs in Spanish almost all Reggaetón is in this language, so make sure to check it. I didn't put a lot of Reggaetón songs because is not my favourite genre of music and because I wanted to share songs that are other genres such as pop.

If you read this Article thank you so much! (or I should say Muchas Gracias) I hope you like the songs and they help you to learn a little bit more of Spanish!

Bye :)