Hi I'm back for day 5.

Write 5 facts about your self!

1. I am saved and loved by Jesus Christ
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I've been saved since I was 10 years old. I make lots of Tik Toks about my faith, if you want to follow me, my Tik Tok is @alyciaconsuelo
2. My favorite color is Pink
flowers, pink, and japan image girl, pink, and art image Inspiring Image on We Heart It aesthetic, girl, and pink image
3. I have brown hair
aesthetic and brunette image girl, beach, and grunge image brunette, hair, and ponytail image beautiful, hair, and fashion image
4. I'm a theatre student
drama, quotes, and stage image couple, boy, and friends image architecture, ballet, and theater image theater and vintage image
5. My mbti personality type is INFP
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