So, in the beautiful world of K-pop, there's a trend. "Unpopular opinions" about a group or just "unpopular" thoughts on a k-topic. This is a big trend all over twitter, instagram, and Youtube. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not here to hate on the people who participate in this or started this, I'm simply requesting you to stop. This is SO ANNOYING! I'm tired of hearing stuff like, "Omg, Jimin is gay!" "Blackpink/BTS is overrated!" "I'm don't like japanese versions!" Well guess what? You giving these opinions, that are VERY OFFENSIVE AND DANGEROUS TO JUST THROW AROUND, can hurt people, cause anger, and just annoy the hell out of people. It doesn't matter if you put a trigger warning in the title of your video or tell people they're mean opinions. But what you CAN do, is ask someone politely if they think it's a rude or disrespectful opinion that can hurt ANYONE, and then tweet about it. Just remember to think of others that may get bothered by this, and simply saying that someone is gay or overrated literally doesn't do anything but hurt them. :(