This list is personal, full of my favourite divas with the most powerful voices.


Must Listen: Hurt, Fighter, Beautiful, Your Body, The Voice Within, Twice, Unless It's With You, Say Something, Dirrty
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Must Listen: Stone Cold, Father, Anyone, Lionheart, Warrior, Skyscraper, Heart Attack, You Don't Do It For Me Anymore
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Must Listen: Shallow, Million Reasons, I'll Never Love Again, Hair, Speechless, The Edge Of Glory, You And I, Joanne
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Must Listen: Just A Little Bit Of Your Heart, Moonlight, Dangerous Woman, Touch It, Into You, Imagine, Needy, Tattooed Heart, Greedy
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Must Listen: The Climb, When I Look At You, Wrecking Ball, FU, Younger Now, Someone Else, Forgiveness and Love, Stay
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I know there are a lot of great vocalists & divas out there, but they are my absolute favourites.