Dream date?

Drive in theater

couple, grunge, and car image car, vintage, and aesthetic image
First thing you wash in the shower?

Stomach haha

girl, aesthetic, and shower image bathroom, home, and design image
Favorite social media?


converse, twitter, and instagram image chic, classy, and fashion image
What type of shoes do you love the most?

Sneakers def

black, shoes, and style image adidas, fashion, and sneakers image
Favorite hairstyle?

Since my hair is straight I like it when it's curly

denim, fashion, and glam image aesthetic, curly hair, and girl image
What grade are you in?

About to be senior in high school

books, college, and notebooks image adorable, animals, and book image
Favorite color for nails?

Nude colors or white

nail art and nails image Temporarily removed
Do you plan outfits?

Yes, i do it before sleep it kinda helps me change my mindset so I fall asleep easier.

aesthetic, cottage, and explore image Image by Kara.
Favorite song?

Someone You Loved by Lewis Capaldi

lewis capaldi image aesthetic, boy, and colors image
Wake up hour?

it's always different

actress, aesthetic, and pretty image Image removed
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