Hello guys, how are you? I hope you are doing fine and you are healthy and safe. This is going to be my first article and I am really excited. I hope that you will love it! Let's start.

an element ♡

Swan, theme, and water image aesthetic, date, and picnic image
the water

a colour ♡

aesthetic, blue, and theme image blue, aesthetic, and ice cream image
light blue

an animal ♡

dog, puppy, and cute image dog, animal, and puppy image

a decade ♡

fashion inspiration, model, and vintage fashion image joe wright, atonement 2007, and period drama design image

a disney princess ♡

cinderella, disney, and princess image shoes, green, and cinderella image

a place ♡

flowers, girl, and field image aesthetic and cottagecore image
flower garden

a time of the day ♡

aesthetic, peach, and sunset image sunset, theme, and nature image

a feeling ♡

aesthetic, pills, and grunge image angel and art image

natural phenomenon ♡

sky, nature, and northern lights image Image by Isa
northern lights

a mythological creature ♡

wings, fairy, and gold image aesthetic, fairy, and fantasy image

a celebrity ♡

audrey hepburn, black and white, and vintage image audrey hepburn and beauty image
audrey hepburn

a candy ♡

candy, food, and cola image coca cola, gummi bears, and haribo image
coca cola candy

a season ♡

garden and flowers image aesthetic, flowers, and yellow image

a flower ♡

flower, garden, and jasmine image afternoon tea, jasmine, and tea party image

a scent ♡

flowers, purple, and lavender image aesthetic, baby cat, and nature image

a makeup ♡

makeup, stars, and beauty image beauty, eyes, and girl image

an accesory ♡

diamonds, jewelry, and luxury image accessories, aesthetic, and gold image

a fruit ♡

green, plum, and salt image fruit, wood, and green image
green plum

a tv show ♡

how i met your mother, Josh Radnor, and robin scherbatsky image brooklyn nine nine, brooklyn 99, and b99 image
himym/ brooklyn 99

thanks for reading!