Hi all! I'm @Alejandralahey and today I bring you my new article, this time a tag!

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This tag is very simple, it is similar to What do you prefer?, but with questions about things or actions that we usually do. I hope you like it ♡.

1- ★ Do I usually take advantage of the day or the night? ★

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In this question, I must say both. I usually take advantage of the day because I have much more free time at those hours, but at night I am much more inspired therefore, if I decide to write or do some work that is to create a story, a poem, even an article I begin to develop it and write it at night.

2- ✧ Do I usually plan my outings or it is spontaneous. ✧

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I usually plan everything. I think it is something that comes in my family genes. Every time we go to the airport, we are that type of family that is there, three hours in advance. I like to plan everything, although it is true that there are times when it is better to be spontaneous and let what happens have to happen.

3- ☾ Do I usually call or send a message? ☽

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I know that sometimes it is much better to call and avoid misunderstandings and go faster, but I use messages much more. Also with the messages I can talk to everyone to write and plan all the articles for We Heart It!

4- ♕ Do I usually use color or do I prefer something neutral? ♕

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I really like to dress in neutral colors, but everything in my room has some color, and a lot of the clothes that I have, too. I would definitely like more bright colors or pastels!

5- ღ Do I usually prefer long plane trips or quiet plans in my city? ღ

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Definitely travel far by plane! I love getting on a plane and leaving my town. It's one of the things I'm going to miss the most this summer, although being able to go see my family by car will also be fun. For me, traveling is something magical, and that's why when I have the opportunity to leave I don't think twice.

6- ☸ Do I usually do everything with music or without music? ☸

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the question should be, who does things without music?

7- ❀ Do I usually ask for advice or do I give it? ❀

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I give more advice than people give me, and I think that is why I prefer to listen than to speak. Actually, I talk about myself with very few people, whom I really trust, and that's why I prefer to listen and try to help. Helping is something I love and I would very much like to be able to do something bigger for the benefit of all.

8- ♔ Do I usually forget or remember? ♔

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It depends. We cannot forget many things, it is the memories that make us, those that determine who we are, but the way we think and see our memories is what sets us apart from others. We all make mistakes, and we must learn to forgive and forget, but always remember the lesson we have learned and who helped us in those moments.

9- ♪ Do I usually prefer learning a language than learning a sport? ♪

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Definitely learning a language. For now I know Spanish and English and this summer I have decided to study French to improve much more. And I would also love to learn Italian!

10- ✈ Do I usually want to live in an imposing skyscraper or in a house in the mountains? ✈

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One of my big dreams is to move to a big city that never sleeps to always do something new. Living in a skyscraper and being able to see the city at night every day of the year.
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This article was written by @Alejandralahey. 5/7/20