Hi there, Student Blogger here again! – I know! I’m sorry! I’m a day late for Father’s Day, but please hear me out as I will be sharing a throwback of me and my Dad’s journey together to celebrate Father’s Day.

We write the year 1999. The year that Pokemon arrived on European shores. The time where a former Grade 1 student turned into a Pokemon Trainer with the mission to catch them all. Fitting with the release of the Pokemon Sword and Shield games for the Nintendo Switch last July 17, 2020, I have a quick throwback and retrospective look at the times far before I’ve become the person that I am today.

I consider myself a rather decently learned hooman being. I feel like I can keep up in conversations on an intellectual and logical level with other people. Part of it, I’ll always credit to my early days as a Pokemon Trainer rummaging through the Kanto and Johto regions in my Pokemon Red and Pokemon Crystal games. I couldn’t quite read well yet, but I could comprehend enough to get me through these games effectively. I’d like to think I’ve learned a lot in terms of trial and error, perseverance and endurance because of those Game Boy titles. (I mean come on, for the uninitiated who had no idea what was coming, that Miltank almost made me quit Pokemon. After a bit, of course, I realized that I could just use Smoke Screen or Sand Attack to circle around her rolling me out to death.

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