Hey, Hearters! I hope you are all doing well during these strange times. Here are some tips and tricks I've learnt from models, celebs, social media, etc that I use and think works great. ;)

Prep your skin

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Girl, I cannot stress this enough, make sure your SKIN IS CLEANSED, MOISTURIZED and PRIMED before doing your makeup!! It makes the application of makeup so much smoother and easier.

Use your hands

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CLEAN HANDS BTW!! Your hands warm up the FOUNDATION and CONCEALER and this helps to seamlessly blend the product into your skin giving you a more natural look.

Add oil to your foundation

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Adding an oil, such as argon oil, or a serum to your foundation will give you a natural and beautiful glow!!

Eyeshadow palette

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Basically you can use the brown shade for bronzer, the pink shade for blush and the highlighting shade for.. HIGHLIGHTER!! ONE palette for MANY uses = saving money sis.

Use lipstick for blush

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HEAR ME OUT! Using lipsticks, cream ones especially, as blush gives you such a natural, youthful look and again you save money!! One product for many purposes is a win for me!
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