hey everyone!

i've been suffering from anxiety attacks for several years now
as i was looking for ways to calm me down during those episodes, i ended up finding songs that help me do so
and i wanted to share them with you
they are mostly without lyrics so you can focus on your breathing
i hope they will help you as much as they help me

saturn - sleeping at last

Þú ert jörðin - _ólafur arnalds _

hoppípolla - sigur rós

an ending, a beginning - dustin o'holloran

we bought a zoo - jónsi

to build a home - the cinematic orchestra, patrick watson

wait - m83

holocene - bon iver

arrival of the birds - the cinematic orchestra, london metropolitan orchestra

body - ambient - ry x

stay alive - josé gonzález

you can find my entire playlist here : https://open.spotify.com/playlist/0lobbNvkdYTDPQVQnVxCib?si=viSiuklCTROHDfcrjEsBEQ, i hope it will help you

remember that everything is going to be find in the end! don't hesitate to reach for help.