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Today I'm back with another tag, you know how much I love these. I saw this one a while back and immediately added it to my list of future articles. I used to be a super fan of One Direction, and even though over the years my musical taste branched out quite a bit, I still love them. So what better way to feel nostalgic than a nice tag?

I got the questions from this article, be sure to check it out :)

One Direction Tag

Favourite Member

boys, handsome, and niall horan image Harry Styles and one direction image
A definite tie between Harry and Niall

First song you heard

babies, beach, and boys image Temporarily removed
What Makes You Beautiful

Favourite song

Image by R E nature, olivia, and photography image
Lately it has been Olivia

Favourite album

one direction and made in the am image Temporarily removed
I can't choose between Midnight Memories and Made in the A.M.

Favourite song from Up All Night

i want, Lyrics, and 1d image one direction, 1d, and Harry Styles image
I Want

Favourite song from Take Me Home

headers, Lyrics, and take me home image one direction, Harry Styles, and zayn malik image
She's Not Afraid

Favourite song from Midnight Memories

Temporarily removed happily, one direction, and Lyrics image
Does He Know? and Happily

Favourite song from Four

Temporarily removed Image removed
Fool's Gold

Favourite song from Made in the AM

quotes, one direction, and Lyrics image one direction, Harry Styles, and louis tomlinson image
What a Feeling

Favourite music video

Temporarily removed Image removed
Live While We're Young

Have you been to any concerts

beautiful boys, Hot, and louis image Harry Styles image
Once to Where We Are Tour. I wish there was just one more

Do you own any merch

one direction, no control, and louis tomlinson image diary, 1d, and one direction merch image
I have a bunch of things, some just lost around my house: a few t-shirts, accessories (necklaces, bracelets..), sunglasses, way too many posters, books, pillow, pj's, notebooks, dvd's, an empty perfume bottle. I know there's more but I can't remember at the moment

Favourite solo Harry song

aesthetic, fine line, and header image Harry Styles, another man, and harry image
Sunflower, Vol. 6

Favourite solo Zayn song

Lyrics, music, and song image Image by vero

I don't really listen to Liam, Louis or Niall that much yet, I'm working on it

That's the tag :)
I had tons of fun remembering some memories, and now I want another concert :(

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