what's wrong with parents not letting their children watching cartoons, i mean c'mon it won't turn your kids gay or anything. they should learn that people and cartoon characters can love each other regardless of gender; there are lot of them like Luna and Sam & Howard and harold from the loud house,Marceline and Princess bubblegum from adventure time,Sheriff Blubs and Deputy Durland from gravity falls, Thea and Edie from doctor mcstuffins, Asami and Korra from the legand of korra,Ruby and Sapphire & the other gems plus Stevonnie from steven universe,EJ and Sue & Kevin From clarence, Jackie from star vs the forces of evil, Red action and Enid &Nick army and Joff from ok k.o.! let's be heroes,Nigel from arthur,Queens of duren from the dragon prince. Also they have LGBTQ from movies and short film, so parent it's ok for kids all these cartoons and not be corrupted.