hey angels! yesterday was my last day of school before summer vacation, so i had the annual 'where would i like to go this summer' conversation with my friends. Although i'm unsure how far i can travel this summer due to the current state of the world, it doesn't stop me from planning out everything i want to do. So here i give you a list of places i'd rather be than where i am now.

(spoiler alert: it's anywhere but here)

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i've never been, but both Rome & Venice are high on my list of places i want to go to. it's such a gorgeous country, not to mention italian food is top tier.


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not only do i desperately want to go shopping in Seoul, i would love to just explore. I'm such a big kpop and kbeauty fan, so the idea of being immersed in that is amazing. korean culture is also something that's so fascinating to me, as it's completely different to where i'm from.


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i used to live there when i was younger, but i don't remember much. i'd love to go back and visit Toronto and Vancouver at some point. Canada would also be my choice of places to go if i ever went skiing


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i'd love to visit Tokyo & Osaka in the future. japanese street food is something I'd really like to try and i feel like the nightlife would be a lot of fun. i'd also love to go stationery shopping there.


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ever since i've moved, i've really missed australia. I'd love to visit Sydney again but stay there longer so there's not as much rushing to try and get lots done. i'd love to just relax on the harbour bay. i'd also love to go back to Brisbane and visit all my friends.

that's it! like i said, this is only a handful of places i'd like to visit. As long as it's a long trip to get there, i'll be happy lmao. stay safe bubs <3

xo, cee