Hello lovely people,
so as summer is here, here are some things i love about this session! You can inspire yourself and try some of these! Or just enjoy the article :D
love, nattie

// staying out with your friends or family till midnight, or longer :) the
best is when you´re sitting by a campfire, talking and laughing and
eating some good food! <3
// the air before a thunderstorm. the road is warm, the air is very hot,
the sky is dark.. i love this!
// the first ice cream (of the year mby? :D)
// all the summer fruit. strawberries, raspberries, watermelons.. yumm
// sound of the forrest. the birds are singing, you can hear all the little
animals and the smell of the trees oh yes
// swimming pool first time!
// having more time to spend with your friends, nice to do always
something crazy!
// i am the sunny person i would say, so obviously, the shining sun
// trying do new things you hadn´t got time to do before! cleaning
rooms or learning new skills is always fun to do!
// one more time ice cream
// bike trips to the nature with family
// going abroad, road trips (i don´t usually go abroad, but when i do,
// changes on yourself. etc dying or cutting hair, changing your style
// watching the sky, or night sky, what a wonderful feeling
// reading books by the beach
// visiting your whoooole family :)
// summer adventures. you never know what will happen and it´s the
most exciting thing!
// writing a summer journal it will help you remeber all the memories!

hope you enjoyed my first article! 5 hearts for another one :))