this playlist is soooo messy lmao

[Genres: Rap/Hip Hop, R&B]


Nightcrawler- Travis Scott, Swae Lee & Chief Keef

♪When the night crawls
All the money, all the hoes and the alcohol
All these hundreds and these thousands, I'ma spend it all
Always when the night calls♪

When Will I see You Again- Shakka

♪Shooting stars never fly for me
My heart’s on Mars, kinda hard to see
But you know, you know I'll see you again
You know, you know I'll see you again♪

Impossible- Travis Scott

♪Nights like this, nights like this, I wish I could do the impossible
I wish I could do the impossible
Nights like this, nights like this, I wish
I could do the impossible, I could do the impossible♪

Doves In The Wind- SZA & Kendrick Lamar

♪Come with me, Forrest Gump had a lot going for him
Never without pussy, y'know, Jenny almost gave it all up for him
Never even pushed for the pussy
Where's Forrest now when you need him?♪

The Prayer- Travis Scott

♪Bad mamacita, Miami Heat her, put her in a two-seater
Too bad I couldn't three-peat her♪

All for Us- Labrinth & Zendaya

♪I'm taking it all for us, all
Doing it all for love♪

PTSD- G Herbo, Juice WRLD, Chance The Rapper & Lil Uzi Vert

♪Draining all my energy, no, I cannot sleep
I'm affected by the streets, no appetite, I can't eat
I only see red when I see, I think it's my PTSD♪

Woah- Lil Baby

♪See me and get nervous, I damn near did it perfect
Work hard and determine, it's safe to say I earned it, woah♪

He Say She Say- Mulatto

♪I love a country ass n*gga with some gold teeth
Fuck all of that talking, just show me
I don't even know nothin' 'bout no basketball
But on the 'Gram flexed up, with the floor seats♪

No Photos- Don Toliver

♪Me and you, high mileage, don't tell 'em about it
The price is right, then I might buy it
Somewhere on the jet, I'm flyin'♪