hey there! lime mousse is my second fav dessert ever and i hope you try it at home :)


  • 600 ml sweetened condensed milk
  • 600 ml UHT heavy cream
  • 150 ml lime juice (you can use limon if you want)
  • ¼ cup cocoa powder
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  • Use 300 ml of sweetened condensed milk and cocoa powder and make brigadeiro (recipe at the of the article)
  • Mix 300 ml of heavy cream with brigadeiro and pour it into individual bowls or glasses
  • Mix 300 ml of condensed milk and 300 ml of cream together in a bowl
  • Gradually add the lemon juice and mix until well combined.
  • Pour the mousse above the brigadeiro
  • Let it refrigerate for at least four hours
  • Decorate with lemon zest before serving
  • It's done!

I hope you like my suggestion!

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