This is one of my favorite albums of all time. Although this album came out in 2018, I finally decided to do an aesthetics inspo article about it. Alessia Cara is such an amazing songwriter. Each song is gonna have my favorite lyrics and inspiring photos.

I hope you enjoy this article! (and if you haven't listened to this album yet, please do it, you won't regret it)

1. Growing Pains

beautiful and eyes image bedroom, room, and aesthetic image flowers, wallpaper, and yellow image quotes, youth, and daughter image
" Used monsters as an excuse to lie awake, now the monsters are the ones that I have to face, no band-aids for the growing pains "

2. Not Today

wallpaper, art, and black image girl, aesthetic, and mirror image
" Won't need distractions to get through the day. I guess I hope I'm gonna be okay, 'cause I'm not today "

3. I Don't Want To

beautiful, nature, and sunset image love, couple, and kiss image
" And I don't want to be alone, no not tonight and I don't want to feel this blue. How do I let you go if I don't want to? "

4. 7 Days

holy, light, and cathedral image aesthetic image
" Guess we forgot how to live a life with no filter. Making boring people famous. Let's pretend they're fascinating. Let's tell little girls that pretty girls are better or that pigment or religion really matters "

5. Trust My Lonely

building, gold, and interior image quotes, aesthetic, and yellow image girl, hair, and aesthetic image eyes, yellow, and aesthetic image
" Go get your praise from someone else, you did a number on my health, my world is brighter by itself and I can do better, do better "

6. Wherever I Live

bedroom, design, and room image Seventeen and jeonghan image night, street, and summer image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
" Just me, myself and nothing, but I taught me how to love it. Home is wherever I live "

7. All We Know

things, we, and what image aesthetic, museum, and friends image
" Round and round, and round it goes, heroes fall like dominoes, we try to help it but we won't. All we know is that we don't "

8. A Little More

colors, couple, and mood image gray, grunge, and windy image couple, love, and lovers image yellow and feelings image
" I'm sorry that I've been emotions galore, am I crazy for wanting a little bit more? A little more of you "

9. Comfortable

love, couple, and shadow image yellow, quote, and love image
" We can't run away from the comfortable 'cause it's inevitable in love, in love. Oh it's time we make way for the comfortable 'cause it's already comfortable in us "

10. Nintendo Game

game, holding hands, and vintage image game over, game, and quotes image
" We could grow up but it's no fun that way and so we treat love like it's a Nintendo game but nobody wins "

11. Out Of Love

light, candle, and couple image inspirational, motivational, and summer image yellow, aesthetic, and locker image lonely, photo, and shadow image
" There's not a thing I could say, not a song I could sing for your mind to change. Nothing can fill up the space, won't ask you to stay but let me ask you one thing, oh, when did you fall out of love? "

12. Girl Next Door

girl, aesthetic, and beige image Image by Ɗaωƞ ℱཞoՏt ️
" So if I should die tomorrow, I'd die with all of me on me and if I give back the time that I've borrowed I know I gave everything, everything "

13. My Kind

converse image girl image
" My kind of time's meant to carelessly spend and my kind of nights are the one's that don't end. My kind of fun doesn't make any sense and my kind of love you won't ever forget "

14. Easier Said

freedom, happiness, and nature image Temporarily removed girl, aesthetic, and photography image yellow, love, and quotes image
" Healing and patience are lovers. Don't place the blame on your heart, just to make 'em stop. Just take your time to recover, 'cause it's easier said, it's easier said than done "

Hope you guys enjoyed this article. :)
Stay positive,
spread happiness,
and inspire others.

Love, Raianna