In no particular order xx.

1. Amsterdam (Netherlands)

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Honestly you may think i'm a boring (which i'm tbh) but Anne Frank's diary is the first novel i have read in my life therefore i want to visit the house she lived in and where she wrote her experiences aside from this i also ant to visit Van Gogh Museum.

2. Japan

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I've been to Japan before but i feel like i was not able to enjoy Japan as much as i wanted to, hence I want to go there again. I not only just want to explore its cities but its rural areas and every corner of Japan as much as i can and TRY THE FOOD. Last time when i went there i wasn't able to eat anything

3. Jeju Island (South Korea)

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South Korea is on everyone's travel list nowadays thanks to the growing influence of Kpop but for me I love watching korean variety shows and after seeing Jeju island in them it has become one of the places i really want to visit. On top of that Jeju seems like a really calm place.

4. Paris

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I have no solid reason why i want to go there but one of my uncle has been working in Paris for years now because of that I used to hear alot about Paris this, Paris that which ended up me myself wanting to go there and obviously Eiffel Tower is the main attraction.

5. New York

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Growing up most of the hollywood movies i saw were shooted in new york. For me it seemed like a perfect place for workaholics as I've heard it is busy and full of people all the time.

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