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This is part 2 of the series Toxic Friendships. On this article, I'll talk about some tips to get over a toxic friendship.

🌹 Self Love

Focus on yourself. You've spent so much time worrying and you deserve to rest a bit and make your mental health your priority.

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🌹 Write down your feelings

You can write them in your diary or your phone's notebook etc. You've bottled up your feeling for so long and that's not healthy.

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🌹 Block Them

That was the most cathartic for me (😅). Knowing that you're the one in control and they can't be in your life anymore is a big confidence boost.

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🌹 Be with people who appreciate you

It's hard to lose one of your closest friends, but you can't block everybody out of your life. Stay with people who love you the way you are and appreciate you.

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