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Name: Catya Clegane・named after her grandmother, Catelyn Stark and her aunt, Arya Stark
Nicknames: Baby Bird (by her Papa) and Yaya (by Sandrik and Conan)
Status: Firstborn child and eldest daughter of Sandor Clegane and Sansa Stark
Birthday: Born 303 AC at Winterfell
Age: Five and ten

Physical Traits

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✦ Thick, straight black hair and gray eyes (like her father)・Tall and slender with delicate facial features (like her mother, whom she is now taller than) ✦


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✦ Family is the most important thing to Catya and one way she honors her family is by incorporating elements of both Houses into her wardrobe・For her twelfth nameday, her father had a Clegane sigil necklace made for her which Catya wears everyday・Like her mother, Catya is gifted at needlepoint and adds custom embellishment to all her dresses ✦


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✦ Catya has an old, kind soul・As her mother did as a girl, Catya loves stories and songs about knights and fair maidens from the Age of Heroes・Her father tolerates her love of gallantry but is quick to remind her that life is not a song and to remain realistic・She is very intelligent and loves to learn and has a particular interest in Westerosi history・Despite her normally gentle nature, when insulted or slighted she will defend herself with ferocity ✦


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✦ Houses Clegane and Stark・House Clegane has no official words, however Catya and her clan live by her father's code ("A hound will die for you but never lie to you") to stay loyal, honest and tenacious as well as the ancient Stark words, "Winter is coming"・ While lacking the history and prestige of her mother's house, Catya is proud to be a Clegane and one of her favorite stories as a child was how her great-grandfather bravely saved Lord Tytos Lannister from a lioness and founded their house ✦


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✦ Winterfell, acting 'capital' of the North・Catya was born inside Winterfell and has never been further south than Wintertown・Being a Northerner is an essential part of Catya's identity・Catya can often be found picking winter roses for her hair in the glass garden, descending into the Stark crypt to pay homage to her ancestors, praying to the Old Gods in the Godswood, or hunting within the Wolfswood alongside her father


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✦ As is Northern tradition, Catya worships the Old Gods・She was taught about the Old Gods and their significance by her mother・Catya has tried since childhood to convert her father into a believer, who while respectful of her beliefs, has 'no use for the gods'・She ventures into the Godswood daily to pray for the health and happiness of her family at the ancient weirwood tree ✦


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Father: Sandor "The Hound" Clegane, Master-at-arms of Winterfell under Lord Rickon Stark・Initially apprehensive about fatherhood, once born, Catya became the love of her papa's life・Sansa considers Catya the answer to her long ago prayer as their daughter was able to finally 'gentle the rage inside' Sandor in ways she never could・Sandor sees it as an imperative that Catya not be as helpless as Sansa had been in girlhood and has taught his daughter all manner of survival skills including how to kill a man with a dagger・Sandor loves his sons but it's no secret that Catya holds a special place in her papa's heart ✦
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Mother: Sansa Stark, stewardess of Winterfell under Lord Rickon Stark・Upon discovering she was with child, Sansa prayed for a daughter and considers it a blessing to have been given the sweet and happy Catya as her first babe・Sansa has taught Catya all about being a proper lady and is quite proud of her daughter's gentle nature and polished manners・Being surrounded by boys, Sansa and Catya often seek peace and quite together in Sansa's solar to practice needlework, take tea, and talk・As her mother did with her, Sansa insists upon personally brushing her daughter's hair nightly before bed ✦
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Great Uncle: Brynden "The Blackfish" Tully, advisor to Sansa Stark and Lord Rickon Stark・In accordance to Tully house words, Brynden sought out the remaining members of his family following the great wars・He has remained at Winterfell since to offer comfort and guidance to Sansa, Rickon, and the rest・Technically her "great-great uncle", Catya and her brothers view Uncle Brynden as their grandfather ✦
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Uncle: Rickon Stark, Lord of Winterfell・Wild and willful when he first arrived back at Winterfell, under Sansa and Sandor's guidance Rickon has matured into a man befitting his title・Raised alongside the Clegane children, Catya considers Rickon to be another one of her many brothers・The Winterfell Kennelmaster was able to successfully breed Shaggydog, Rickon's direwolf, with one of his hounds resulting in pups for Catya and her brothers ✦
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Brothers: Eddard Clegane (14), eldest son of House Clegane・named after his grandfather, Lord Eddard Stark ✦ Robb Clegane (13), second son of House Clegane・named after his uncle, King Robb Stark ✦ Brandon Clegane (9), third son of House Clegane・named after Bran the Builder ✦ Sandrik Clegane (6), fourth son of House Clegane・name a Northern variation of Sandor's name ✦ Conan Clegane (4), youngest son of House Clegane・name means 'little wolf' or 'little hound' ✦ Like most Northerners with nothing to do during the long winter, the Cleganes have many children・Catya loves all her brothers (with baby Conan being her secret favorite) but has always longed for a sister ✦
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Sister: Jonquil Clegane, second daughter of House Clegane・named after the legendary ballad of "Florian and Jonquil"・After two unsuccessful attempts at having another girl (resulting in sons, Sandrik and Conan) Sansa finally birthed her second daughter・Unfortunately, Jonquil was born premature and died in infancy・The loss was devastating to the entire family with Sandor and Sansa deciding to abstain from having more children・Despite occurring two years ago, Jonquil's death still greatly affects Catya ✦


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✦ Catya is an animal lover and has five pets of her own: Geffon (falcon) gifted to her by her mother who also has a falcon・Aura (direwolf) was the most gentle of Shaggydog's puppies and instantly bonded with Catya・Onyx and Crow (hounds) were initially just meant to be hunting hounds but Catya couldn't help babying them and make them her pets・Ilyana (mare) was sired from her father's great warhorse, Stranger and Catya was taught to horse-ride by her father ✦


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✦ Determined that their daughter become a well-rounded young woman, the Cleganes encouraged Catya to pursue many hobbies including: Archery・Falconry・Playing the Lute・Needlework・Poetry・Riding Ilyana ・Hunting (with Papa)・Studying Westerosi History ✦


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✦ Orland Tyrell, son of Garlan Tyrell and Leonette Fossoway・He has the typical Tyrell look with curly brown locks and bright eyes・They met when Orland and his father traveled to Winterfell for a diplomatic summit・Orland was familiar with the two eldest Clegane boys but had not met Catya prior and was instantly smitten・Catya found Orland to be chivalrous and comely・Before departing south, Orland gifted Catya with a golden rose pendant and a kiss・Orland expressed interest to marry her to his father who extended the offer to Sandor and Sansa・Sandor reluctantly accepted the marriage offer (after discussing it with Catya) but has not yet come to terms with it・The wedding is to be held at Winterfell in the Godswood following Catya's next nameday ✦


This was my first article and the content was H E A V I L Y influenced by "The Cleganes of Winterfell" by Emmiemac on Ao3. Thanks for reading!