how long do you stan them:
since 2019

dreamcatcher and kpop image

first song you ever listened:
Deja Vu

gif, aesthetic, and dreamcatcher image
aesthetic, dreamcatcher, and kpop image asian, jiu, and dreamcatcher image

song that made you stan them:
i love the rock beat, with two songs i started to love them... but YOU AND I

dreamcatcher, kpop, and you and i image

favourite song :
i love all about the witchcraft. when i saw and listened red sun i known it

aesthetic, dreamcatcher, and kpop image
gif, redsun, and dreamcatcher image

least liked song:
i love their song, but i can't with In The Frozen because i listened a mashup and i love it

dreamcatcher, girl group, and jazz image

first bias:

aesthetic, alternative, and beauty image
aesthetic, deja vu, and dreamcatcher image dreamcatcher, kim minji, and jiu image
Kim MinJi

actual bias:
ma another crush

asian, gif, and scream image
girl group, dreamcatcher, and kpop image siyeon image
Lee SiYeon

bias wrecker:
the cute girl

kpop, jiu, and dreamcatcher image jiu, dreamcatcher, and kpop image

favourite mv:
for the aesthetic Good Night

asian, gif, and goodnight image
good night, dreamcatcher, and kpop image dreamcatcher and kpop image

favourite choreo:
endless night have a strong choreo

asian, gif, and aesthetic image

favourite ot7 pics:

jiu, yoohyeon, and dreamcatcher image kpop, dreamcatcher, and group image dreamcatcher, group, and kpop image dreamcatcher group, dreamcatcher, and group image

favourite stage outfit:

black or white, coreography, and gif image
Inspiring Image on We Heart It bora, dreamcatcher, and girl image
Black Or White

favourite era:

jiu, yoohyeon, and bora image dreamcatcher image

favourite ship:
SuYeon & YooA (sooo cuteee)

dreamcatcher, soulmates, and kim minji image bora, dreamcatcher, and girl image jiu, yoohyeon, and bora image dreamcatcher, jiu, and siyeon image

others members:
I love all dreamcatcher They are so visual, beautiful and talented; good singers, rappers and dancers; and i think why i hadn't listened them before.

chinese queen

DC, gif, and dreamcatcher image
pretty, woman, and dreamcatcher image dreamcatcher, girl, and korean image
han dong

dancing machine

gif, pretty, and bora image
pretty, bora, and dreamcatcher image pretty, p: twitter, and t: trans image
kim bora

the beauty namu

gif, pretty, and yoohyeon image
beauty, dreamcatcher, and girl image dreamcatcher and yoohyeon image
kim yoohyeon

prince dami

gif, korea, and yoobin image
korea, yoobin, and dreamcatcher image dreamcatcher, kpop, and siyeon image
lee yubin

and princess lucy

gif, pretty, and dreamcatcher image
dreamcatcher, gahyeon, and icon image dreamcatcher, girl, and korean image
lee gahyeon