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Hello guys! I am doing this Article to highlight this WONDERFUL Netflix series because I think that besides having a very interesting story, it shows all the barriers that a woman has to face in her life! Femicide, harassment and racism are some of the topics covered!
Besides of course to be BRAZILIAN!

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The series contains 2 seasons, one set in 1959 and the other in 1960! And although it happened at that time, unfortunately many things have not changed, the barriers we face, prejudices and people's minds (the concept, the moral of society), remain the same: / !!!

Telling my vision about each of the characters! Incredible women!

Thereza (Mel Lisboa)

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Too modern for any season! Strong, confident, elegant and cannot stand injustice and be treated with indifference just for being a woman! Fair!

Malu (Maria Casadevall)

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Girl woman, lover of good music, entrepreneur! Don't let yourself be slaughtered for a long time, get up, lift your head and keep going! Battle for what is going on!

Adélia (Pathy Dejesus)

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A struggling, intelligent, religious woman, also an entrepreneur who does not let herself be overwhelmed by too little or too much! Face any barrier! Warrior!

Lídia (Fernanda Vasconcellos)

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Dreamer, romantic woman, has an angel voice that 'crosses the soul' (as her friend Malu says). Strong and charming smile! I just wanted to sing and start a family!

Ivone (Larissa Nunes)

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Decided girl woman, the youngest of the group! Kind of crazy, has a strong voice that touches anyone! Don't bother with other people's opinions! Free woman!
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I hope you fall in love with this series just like me!

I used a translator, so forgive me for any English mistakes

This is the Portuguese version for those interested