Hey beautiful!This time, as i promise i have a second edition of the other students of ever after high .So here we go:

beautiful, beauty, and blue image Image by @Kranli makeup, lips, and red image animal, cat, and deer image sparrow, indian birds, and domestic bird image royal, Queen, and crown image aesthetic, apple, and kpop image aesthetic, rose, and flowers image crown, rose, and blackpink image beauty, fashion, and dress image
hair, brunette, and beauty image makeup, eyes, and eyebrows image vampire, lips, and red image wolf, animal, and wild image alternative, nature, and water image 2012, mouth, and white image eye, eyes, and gold image skirt image nails and red image forest, tree, and forks image
boy, froy gutierrez, and blond image king, crown, and Queen image aesthetic, vintage, and art image prince, royal, and aesthetic image quotes, aesthetic, and gold image starboy, red, and light image beast, evil, and monster image college, football team, and korea image
hair, blue, and braid image eyes, green, and blue image body, grunge, and skin image ice, pale, and white image accessories, aesthetic, and jewelry image aesthetic, puffy, and woman image hockey and ice image quotes, leadership, and positive image beauty, christmas, and cold image Image by mundoCOR
beautiful, hair, and brunette image mermaid dress, wedding photo, and mermaid bridesmaid dress image art, painting, and flowers image single, funny, and taken image disney, fairy tale, and story image flowers, one direction, and young image best friends, party, and night party image pink, aesthetic, and glasses image
boy image black, fashion, and hat image Image by van05 arrow and aesthetic image knife, gold, and aesthetic image robin hood and tangled au image chanel, yoongi, and details image rock and roll, clash, and paul simonon image
hair, girl, and hairstyle image dress and pink image Image removed after, hardin scott, and hessa image bunny, rabbit, and animal image ❤ and sweet baby squirrel image shoes and crystal image autumn, pumpkin, and book image aesthetic, blue, and inspiration image dress, flowers, and blue image

The end ....
That was a wrap !hope you like and have a great time ...i 'm having thoughts about my next articles that maybe will iclude eah ...until then have a Happily ever after !!!xoxo k