style, fashion, and outfit image body image
go down to 50kg and workout every chance i get
junk food, noodles, and korean food image Image removed
watch what i eat and keep calories below 1000kcal
madison beer, beach, and sunset image summer, beach, and ocean image
get tanneddd but keep it healthy
aesthetic, aesthetics, and kpop image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
buy some kpop merch (an album and a lightstick)
txt, yeonjun, and tomorrow x together image girls, kpop, and lia image
learn at least 3 kpop choreographies
friends, girl, and friendship image girl, friends, and beach image
meet my friends a lottttt
color, girl, and hair image Image removed
go on a lot late night drives
aesthetic, nature, and picnic image picnic, food, and aesthetic image
have a picnic