it has been a while since i created an article, but i'm back and created this one :))

about me

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name: maisie williams grey
born: december 7th, 1753 in london (19 in season 5)
occupation: unknown


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maisie has red hair, blue eyes, fair skin that reminds one of snow, cheeks covered in freckles and a petite body

parents and story

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maisie's parents are lord john grey and margaret williams. her mother was aware of john's sexual orientation and in order to protect him, she married him. the two of them tried to conceive a child to look like a normal family and to cause no suspicion. margaret died during labour, but the maiden was able to save maisie. in honour of maragret, john gave maisie the middle name "williams". when john sailed to america, maisie wanted to join her father on the quest. that's when she meets the frasers and mackenzies


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personality traits

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positive: energetic, good communicator, imaginative, artistic and curious
negative: impatient, intense and cocky

time traveller or not?

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when maisie was younger she would have re-occurring dreams of a lady with chocolate brown hair, telling tales. during those dreams, she would see weird things she wasn't used to seeing. in her words, a simpler time.
maisie is able to tell who is a time traveller and because of her dreams she knows what the future looks like. she confirmed this with claire


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maisie likes to wear simple colours


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maisie loves to read and cook/bake whatever her heart desires


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maisie thinks of claire like her own mother. she formed an emotional bond in a short amount of time and trusts her to the fullest

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jamie is always there for her and protects her with his life

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maisie appreciates everything brianna and roger do for her. she also loves taking care of little jemmy

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maisie loves and adores ian and fergus

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marsali is maisie's best friend. the two of them cook, bake, read, wash etc. together. they're inseparable and would do anything for each, even if it means killing for one another

love interest

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arthur is a smuggler that ships alcohol and other things to the american coast. when maise and him met in wilmington, she instantly caught his attention and made him forget all "business" meetings. the two of them started seeing each other more often when he started coming to fraser's ridge. as of now the two remain single


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though she is currently living in north carolina, london will always be her home