Name: Ashley Laviolette
Age: 18
nationality: French

• Appearance:

eyes, eye, and brown image girl, deer, and nature image lady, story, and gif image aesthetic, alternative, and girl image

• Style

film and marie antoinette image Image by typical noldo sword, dress, and fantasy image dress, princess, and aesthetic image

• Accessories

necklace, jewelry, and accessories image crown, princess, and aesthetic image pearls, aesthetic, and shell image dress image

• Personality

quotes, princess, and Anne Hathaway image quotes, words, and aesthetic image blooming, empowerment, and girls image aesthetic, books, and captions image

• Castle


castle, palace, and house image castle and slovakia image castle image harry potter image


30s, bedroom, and closet image luxury, gold, and mirror image 90s, aesthetic, and aesthetics image castle and stairs image

• Hobbies

home image dress, princess, and hair image Image by Tahire62 arrow, aesthetic, and archery image
Bow and arrow, music, dance and writing letters

• Kingdom

crown, the white princess, and aesthetic image garden, forest, and green image Image by seabois beautiful, horse, and horses image

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