Hello !!Today i wanna share my personal fav anime sites that i use:)please dont come for me because i dont use crunchyroll or funimation:crunchyroll sucks for me because in my country the selection of animes is crap,funimation isnt available in my country,plus i dont have money to buy them.But if you can,please support the creator as much as you can.


-this was the first site i've used
-it has very many animes but only a very few are dubs
-its super organized
-it has no ads or popups
-it has a chat option on every episode and its super active


-it looks super cool because it resembles netflix
-it has both sub and dub
-no ads/popups
-the only thing that i dont like is that it loads kinda slow but that may just be for me


-i love this one because it has loads of animes both in sub and dub
-but besides that it also has a bunch of cartoons that made my childhood
and im so happy that i can find them here
-it has no ads for me but i use an adblocker for this one so i dont know for sure
-its not that organized but it makes up for the variety of shows available there


-both sub and dub
-no ads or popups
-i like watching pokemon there
-i dont think that theyre any cons about this site


-i havent really been using this site that much but ill just add it here
-no ads or popups
-very very organized
-idk but i dont see that many animes there(it could just be me)
-both sub and dub


-i love this one a lot
-no ads or popups
-both sub and dub
-kind of aesthetically pleasing idk why tho


-both sub and dub
-its not the most organized one but its fine
-no ads or popups
-has lots of animes
-same as animeflix.io,its kinda slow but that may be just for me


-helps me learn japanese while watching anime goddamn isnt that great
-i dont use it that much tbh so i cant say much but just check it out yourself if you know japanese but wanna practice


-use this for updating my anime list

2-Anime planet
-same as MAL but better
-also u can watch and read some animes and manga legally there

Maybe i'll do an updated version of this or a part 2 soon ๐Ÿ™ƒ

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