Hi Everyone <3

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girl, balloons, and 16 image 16, balloons, and girl image

Best feature

lady, manicure, and nailpolish image nails and Nude image
Nails, if count haha


fairy, nature, and aesthetic image green, aesthetic, and food image

Deepest regret

Image removed quotes, friends, and fake image
Have considered some friends </3

Every day starts off with

Image by ✧・゚:Cruella:・゚✧ Image removed

Fashion style

outfit, fashion, and inspiration image fashion, outfit, and style image
Something simple

Goals in life

travel, sky, and sunset image moon, aesthetic, and sky image
travel around the world

Height and hair color

height, somin, and bm image curly hair, beach, and girl image
less than 1,60 and dark brown

In love with

Image removed family, black and white, and couple image
Family ever <3

Job of my dreams

?, kpop, and something image bts, jungkook, and i know her face image
Really don't know :/

Kind of guy

angel, cigarette, and kind image boys, cute boys, and kitties image
I don't have!

Last thing I ate and drank

coffee, drink, and latte image delicious, food, and popcorn image
Coffee, and popcorn


aesthetic, dark, and theme image aesthetic, couple, and the hate u give image
<3 <3 <3

Number of siblings

baby, child, and family image Image removed
Two, one sister and brother, both older than me

One favorite song

cute, got7, and mv ''a'' image got7, JYP, and kpop image
"A" - GOT7

Person I last texted

aesthetic, chats, and cute text image love texts, love, and internet love image
My siblings in our Instagram group

Question I get asked the most

meme, reaction pic, and attack on titan image archive, meme, and thinking image
"What is your age?" I look older than I am, I don't think, but that's what they say

Reason to smile

book, girl, and morning image how to wake up early image
Waking up every day is already a great reason to smile!

Skincare advices

skincare and beauty image Image removed
I need some advice, I don't have skin care


delicado, estrella, and eyes image tattoo image
I don't have it, but I intend to do it someday

Unpopular opinion

Image by ☆ Image by ☆
Don't know, my all opinions are unpopular haha

Vacation place

aesthetic, city, and country image aesthetic, blue, and korean image
Seoul - South Korea, more specifically Han River

Worst habits

kiss, people, and pink image angry, anime, and boy image
Remove the skin from my upper lip, and always walk with an angry face haha

X-rays I had

meme, elizabeth olsen, and reaction image edit, meme, and mood image
I don't have!


app, art, and gif image dog, doge, and meme image

Zodiac sign

black, illustration, and virgo image aries, black, and illustration image
Virgo, with ascendant in Aries

It's Over!!!

Thank You guys for staying here!!