July Playlist

˗ ˏ ˋ Hey everyone! ˎ ˊ ˗
Happy July! Here’s a playlist of 10 of my favorite songs at the moment.

pink, flowers, and bedroom image architecture, building, and chic image
Float by 6lack
drink image flowers, rose, and bouquet image
Emotionally Scarred by Lil baby
bathroom, bath, and home image food, ice cream, and chocolate image
Shimmy by Amine
girl, summer, and black and white image fashion, denim, and style image
Summertime in Paris by Jaden and Willow
surf, blue, and ocean image travel image
Yeah right by Joji
fashion, style, and necklace image nails image
18 by iann Dior
paris, flowers, and city image sunset, home, and sea image
Amy’s Grave by Aries
Image removed travel, sea, and ocean image
Midnight city by m83
fashion, girl, and outfit image earrings, fashion, and girl image
Selfish by future and Rihanna
aesthetic, dogs, and animals image sea and sunset image
Volvo by Kota the friend

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