Hello lovelies!

I want to start by saying that I didn't write a "may in a nutshell" because it was such a boring month. There was no interest in writing that article. This month more things have happened, thank god.

June in a nutshell

Important events

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Finally ditatched myself from a bad relationship and started to work on loving myself; hung out with my friends for the first time in a long long time, also managed to make new friends yey; got a new hobby; got off my high horse and actually tried drinking, I drank more this month than in my whole life put together

Tv Shows

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Binge watched Never have I ever, Euphoria, The Spanish Princess and Sex and the City as if my life depended on it


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Some of my favourites from this month include Five Feet Apart, Last Christmas (imagine how much I cried during these two) and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button


Activities I did the most

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Rollerskate (obviously), study ew, listen to music and watch way more tv and movies than I should. I was a little lazy this month, no cookies

What I'm hoping to do next month

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Be with my friends more; start reading as much as I was a few months ago (I've been stuck on the same book for over a month); start exercising more regularly; fix my sleeping schedule

This month was overall more enjoyable than May by far. I'm praying next month will be better because I'll finish my exams and finally be free for a bit.

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Love, Bia