once again, you guys seemed to enjoy my spotify playlists article and since then i made a sad songs playlist i thought y'all might enjoy so i decided to just make a whole article about it cause why the heck not!

here is the link to the previous article of playlists:

and now, here is the playlist link and some songs:

in the end it's better for me

title name inspired by a lyric from one of the tracks: moral of the story by ashe, such a gut wrenching beautiful sad song. this playlist is full of those, including;

  • Falling - Harry Styles
  • melancholia - Aidan Alexander
  • Shout - Empara Mi
  • Great One - Jessie Reyez
  • Put A Little Love On Me - Niall Horan
  • July - Noah Cyrus
  • Forever & Always (Piano Version) - Taylor Swift


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Thank you so much for reading!

In these scary times, I truly hope that you and your families are all safe n well! Please remember to look after yourselves and always be mindful of those around you!

Much love & stay safe, Em <3

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