Hi loves! The title probably confused you a little but I promise I’ll explain and make sense of this concept of “romanticizing” your life, because it sounds crazy but I promise it works a lot and will leave you so much happier!

So romanticizing something is when you basically idealize and think about something in an “unrealistic” and unattainable way. It sounds easy enough and there are many things that we romanticize already like relationships, internet clout, etc. However, a lot of people think negatively about their own lives (and I’m also guilty of doing this) because they feel that in comparison with other people’s lives or social media theirs is boring. But really all it takes is a little dreaming and a new way of viewing your life and experiences.

It may sound completely insane but you should try to romanticize your life as much as possible. Imagine yourself in a romance movie on that date, think about yourself in a coming of age movie on that light nate drive, imagine yourself as a supermodel doing one of those vogue tips and tricks videos while you’re doing your skincare routine. I’ve started doing this and honestly it makes life so fun and helps you remember what’s important.

I’ll go into more detail about this topic in a later episode of my podcast but I definitely touch on it in today’s episode because I think it’s so important for you to know that in your life you can be the main character that reaches their goals and gets the life of her dreams, and not the irrelevant supporting character. ♡

♡ as always thanks for reading and i hope i helped a little! for more content like this i have a beauty, selfcare, and girl chat podcast called “project it girl” and episode 1 is out today! so listen here: https://linktr.ee/projectitgirl

Until next time I love you and please stay safe and healthy :) x